Local scenes paintings


My water colour paintings usually of local scenes I have taken a photograph of from which I sketch a copy and paint.

painting of a church in Oxford

I have book to paint my pictures in The pages are A4 size. This the first page is a painting of Christ Church Oxford

painting of Coxwell Barn

It is a painting of Coxwell Barn near where I live in Oxfordshire

painting of Cirencester castle

Page 3 Cirencester Castle in the Cotswolds

painting of a canal baot

Page 4 My children having an adventure on a canal boat here seen filling up with fresh water near Bath

painting of Whittington Castle

This is Whittington Castle which is near Oswestry a memory from when I lived in North Wales

painting of Cricklade church

Cricklade Church near Swindon. The tower is of a distinctive design and one sees other churches with similar design around here

painting of a house

John’s home in Bath


painting of Wanborough church

Wanborough Church near Swindon I like that it has both a tower and a steeple

painting of a bungalow

My home in Shrivenham

painting of a house

My sons house in house Shrivenham


painting of snow scene

Our Nev walking home down church street in the snow.

Now follows paintings on single sheets of paper

watercolour picture of village hall

The village hall The tree insists on being in the picture.I took a photo and copied that.

photo of a painting

Cottage in Manor Lane


painting of village hall

Front view watercolour painting from a photo I took. Note the village pump on the right. ( Road sign omitted).

Water colour painting of local pub The Prince of Wales in Shrivenham

Stanton Fitzwarren hotel (and church just in the picture thanks to wide  piece of paper)

thatched cottage painting

Our friends thatched cottage

Water colour of the Crown Inn the original now hangs inside the Crown Inn.

watercolour painting

A water colour of thatched cottages in Shrivenham

painting of phone box

Phone box in Shrivenham

watercolour of Oxford

somewhere in Oxford water colour a4 size

painting of coleshill

I was in Coleshill , a National Trust village in the UK, when I took a photo of the white clock tower from the organic garden car park. I thought it would make a suitable subject for my series of Costwold paintings and here it is.


Pen and wash. First make sketch using water proof ink pen then apply a wash of water colour. It is a merger of two photos depicting the building either side of Manor Lane in Shrivenham  the village where I now live.


Next is the result of visit to Oxford with my brother in November 2016

water colour of Oxford

Oxford in the court yard of the Bodleian Library looking towards the famous arch over the road. Watercolour A4 size

painting of Cirncester

A watercolour of Cirencester abbey. It was also market day hence the blue and white awning in front.


The following 8 paintings  are scenes from in and around Shrivenham which filled a book ( there were actually more pages but some had to be cut out as not up to worth keeping!)


watercolour painting

Freight train on Shrivenham line



Scene in Manor lane Shrivenham


Vintage cars at the village fete


Church and village pump at Farnham


Village school in Shrivenham

A painting of my sons house but the tree got in the way


This is a watercolour based on a sketch made when I sat in the sunshine at Coleshill in the  Cotswolds.One day to make sketch and have a pic-nic. Second day to make a drawing for painting.Third day to paint in water-colour painted August 2015

IMG_4179 (2)

This next picture is of Burford in the Costwolds  Process similar fashion in water colour.


This is of the village pump at Shrivenham OxfordshirePump at Shrivenham




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