Paintings-not local scenes


Following the instructions and colour palate described in Ray Campbell Smiths book

water colour painting

From a photo recently whilst on holiday which a friend went on.

picture of the sea

painting waves inspired by the photos in a book about the coast in Cornwall UK

cartoon picture taken from an advert

wave painting

Slightly larger than A4 size watercolour painting An exercise in sea scape

One of my first wave paintings

ducks in a row

race horses

horses racing in the snow

Camels at the famous land mark based on a travel advert

picture of a water pump

An old water pump. I did enter for a competition at Hobbycraft .Ltd it came second but there was only one prize so I missed out on an award..


Based on an motif used by Ellesmere tourist board

Based on a black and white photo in a book about Welsh miners in Wrexham

Based on a photo of my granddaughter dressed up for a play date

painting of water reflections

based on Escher’s 1950 study of ripples

Capturing an atmosphere was the challenge. My effort for what it is worth

Poppies and a window

A B&B in a village in North Wales

Based on a picture of a harbour somewhere